Our Products

Eureka Lemons

Lush green foliage and juicy flavourful fruit

Royal Gala

Crispy, crunchy and juicy very sweet and fragrant

Cripps Pink

Beautiful fruit with a pink blush. Firm crisp flesh effervescent with a tangy and sweet flavour

Granny Smith

One of the healthiest choices you can make with a distinct tart flavour

Golden Delicious

Firm and crisp with a sweet-tart flavour, described as honeyed

Variety of Apples

Please contact us or see SEASON CHART for varieties on apples

Thompson Seedless

High juice content that boasts a delicious balance of tart and sweet

Sugrathirtyfour seedless

Crisp and juicy with sweet flavour and appealing fruity aroma

Crimson Seedless

Crisp juicy texture and an excellent sweet flavour


Please contact us for our wide variety


Delicious tropical fruit with unique taste and health benefits

Wide Variety

We have a very wide variety of fruits. Please contact us for full product list


High juice content this fruit boasts a delicious balance of tart and sweet


Typically juicy and sweet, with less acid than oranges

Grape fruit

Subtropical citrus known for its sour to semi-sweet somewhat bitter taste


Bright green or golden flesh with tiny, edible seeds. Soft texture and sweet unique flavour

Pacham"s Triumph

Sweet and juicy white flesh with a smooth texture


Please contact us for more varieties of vegetables

Company Profile

In2Fresh is the combination of the freshest quality fruit and vegetables, mixed with expert knowledge and service delivery. We are a young, dynamic and a fast growing company.

By leveraging the skills of our various associated businesses and selective partners, we are able to drive a specialized strategy of the "farm to plate".

In essence our focus is taking a product from its roots, aggregating it, packing it, and presenting the final product to the perfect customer in the right place.

We believe that Africa is the last great frontier and believe in the success and growth our continent has to offer.

In2Fresh is expanding its business, bringing their expertise to new areas, namely the Far East, Middle East, Asia and further African Markets.

Expansion also involves local Government Feeding Schemes and Wholesalers.

No matter who the customer, big or small, In2Fresh strives to meet the customers’ needs with top quality, well priced products accompanied by excellent service.

In2Fresh is growing from strength to strength, and we'd like to see you do the same.

Whether you're planting a new crop, opening a new supermarket or searching for an innovative fresh supplier, we'd like to cultivate a dynamic partnership with you.

We believe in growing together with our clients, which makes every relationship, an important one. Our mission is to become the choice grade supplier for all customers by providing the best quality produce at competitive prices.

Russell Stone Group

In2Fresh originated as a division from within the the RussellStone Group.

The RussellStone Group is prominent player in the local agricultural, financial services and energy value chain.

The Group is privately owned by its own management and has a 17% BEE shareholder that also forms an integral part of the Groups trading and operating activities.

We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of unique people and encourage all our employees to not only strive for excellence in their jobs,

but to also become critical equity holders in their businesses.

Our goal is to create new and sustainable opportunities and we realize this through passion, service and integrity.

Using our unconventional approach to structuring deals, we have grown both organically from within and through the strategic acquisition

of specific operating companies.